Remove negative items; Improve your score

Add positive items; Improve your score


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I was paying a “law firm” $129.95 a month for a year and a half with zero results.  After I switched to CES they removed 26 negative remarks in 2 months and billed just once!  Now my credit is excellent.  They are clearly the best. 

Mark Schwartz

I had no idea you could buy good credit.  CES was so helpful in getting me the right amount of increase I needed to apply for an auto loan.  They really took the time to understand my needs.

Jamal Davis


Credit Repair and Tradelines No Monthly Fee!

Not sure why you need good credit?

A higher credit score can save a person an enormous amount of money in so many important areas of life.  It means a lower interest rate for houses, cars, insurance premiums, a business; equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.  Not to mention the difference between just qualifying for a loan or not.  Even simple providers of credit cars, cell phones and utilities preform credit checks.  Perhaps most crucial is employee background checks.  More and more companies today want to make sure those they hire are financially responsible and will not pose a risk to their business.




Credit Repair and Tradelines No Monthly Fee!

Credit Repair – Removals

You do not have to endure bad credit for seven to ten years – The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute any and all items on your credit reports.

In addition to inaccurate and unverifiable items, we can remove most other negative items.

  • Late payments
  • Collections
  • Charge-offs
  • Student loans
  • Medical Bills
  • State and Federal Tax Liens
  • Child Support
  • Repossessions
  • Judgements
  • Short Sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcies
  • Excessive Inquires







Credit Repair and Tradelines No Monthly Fee!

Credit Enhancement/Tradelines – Additions

It is possible to be added as an authorized user (AU) to another persons credit card (also called a tradeline).  This legal practice is protected under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

If you lack revolving accounts on your report, we can add positive tradelines.

The amount a credit score will increase depends on the quantity and quality of accounts you buy.  Therefore we offer a selection of accounts with the below varying factors:

  • High limit
  • Little or no balance
  • Open for years
  • Perfect payment history

The AU does not receive a physical card, will not know the account number, cannot use the line of credit, or have any responsibility of payment.  The AU does get the account history for that credit card on their credit report, which makes it appear like that credit card’s has been there since the account was first opened. This provides an immediate FICO® credit score raise.



During your free credit analysis our experts explain what created your current score and how it can be substantially improved.  We have a wealth of tools in our toolbox for each type of negative item that empower us to convince the credit agencies to remove it off your record.  Our patent pending Intelligent Assessment Technology removes items that most other firms can’t!  Let our superior strength and influence work for you.


  • Be ripped off by blindly trusting law offices.
  • Be convinced to pay a “start fee”.
  • Be lured into paying high monthly fees that will never end.
  • Be tricked into paying for services you don’t need or pay for services you don’t get.
  • Be forced to pay extra for services you do need.
  • Be made to wait 6 months or more for a clean record.




At CES you get a dedicated account executive that becomes your partner in restoring your good credit.  Your calls don’t get put through an overworked call center.


There is no arbitrary set up fee for us to begin to work.  You only pay when you see results.


Correcting your credit history shouldn’t require you to need a “membership”.  Other firms want you to commit to giving them $70-100 every month. When does it end?  We charge per negative item removed and we don’t get paid until it’s off your report.


The other firms will try and justify their high prices by including credit monitoring and identity protection services.  But what if  there is no such thing as identity protection services to begin with? The sad truth is you can’t prevent theft of your data.


You can monitor your credit reports for fraudulent activity and block your data from being used.  We tell you how you can get monitoring for free and we even set you up with free alerts.


We get to work right away.  Because they charge you a monthly fee, other firms are actually incentivized to only dispute the smallest amount every month.  Charges going on for years are not unheard of.  While we can’t control the speed of the credit bureaus themselves, we find that it typically takes only 30-60 days to start the process to a clean slate.


Your credit history is not just a piece of paper – it’s a reality that determines your way of life.  Look at these real world examples:

  • Fred, score of 620:  Gets a 5.943% interest rate on mortgage, car dealership financing at 9.40%, credit card with 23.90% APR, denied cell phone, rejected for job and therefore student loan for child.
  • Susan, score of 760:  Gets a 4.35% interest rate on mortgage, bank financing for car at 3.4%, credit card with 11.65% APR, instant cell phone approval, hired for new job and approved for student loan for child.
  • What does it mean to have poor credit?  $105,671 extra in mortgage interest, $3,116.62 extra in auto loan interest, unknown extra in credit card interest, undesirable cell phone, turned down for job, no money for child’s education.
  • Who would you rather be?



    1. During your free credit analysis our experts examine your reports to determine the best strategy and proper timing to help you reach your goals.  Our credit card account holders are required to keep you on their account for 90 days, one of the longest in the industry.  However, their account history tends to remain on your report for 6 months to several years.  Adding one of our high-quality tradelines can increase a borrowers score by 30-50 points, two lines can create an increase of 50-100, while adding five gives over 200.  We get you added as an authorized user right away so you should see the benefit of the new accounts in as little as 1 or 2 months, depending on the bureau.  


Add tradelines to your account when you get your credit repaired and receive 1 free removal for each account added!

Bring in your family and friends and everyone gets 20% off!