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I’m so glad I did my research.  The most popular debt settlement firm told me they could settle my credit card bills for 33% and it would take 4 years!  CES did it in 6 months flat  because they practice no default debt settlement and wiped away 45%.  I’m finally debt free!

Tamara Washington

No Default Debt Settlement Positive Testimonial


No Default Debt Settlement

It’s important to understand how differently CES manages to resolve your debt than other companies.  First there are no minimum debt requirements; others will only work with $7500 or more.  We don’t turn people down because we want higher fees.

More alarming however, is how their programs work.  Nearly all other companies require their clients to suspend all payments and allow their debt to go into delinquency and then default.  The client instead makes a monthly payment into an escrow account until enough money has built up at which time they will start negotiations.  In the meantime, creditors will raise interest rates and issue late fees every month.  Then will come the non-stop harassing calls when the account is sent to collections.  The timeline for this process is 2 to 4 years!  They also claim the program won’t work unless all credit cards in possession are enrolled because it makes it harder for them to negotiate.

Firms employ this shady tactic to make creditors think they’ll wind up with nothing so that when the debt-settlement firm offers them something, they’re more likely to accept it.  In other words, they need you to bear the dirty and painful effects because they are such poor negotiators.

They also will not tell you that a delinquency of just 30 days will negatively impact on your credit score. Since we know that a debt closed as settled may also affect your score, we offer our credit repair services at a discount when we handle your settlements.  Very few firms can offer such complete services.


If you find any negative remarks on your credit report as a result of our debt settlement, we will remove them at a discounted rate.