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CES not only saved me TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars but allowed me to keep my home!  I was considering foreclosure when I went to CES.  Instead I have extra money to support my family.

Steve Garrett

No Default Debt Settlement Mortgage Modification Positive Testimonial


Why lose your home when you can save it?

There are options available before going into foreclosure or short-sale.  A Mortgage Modification will change the existing mortgage note and give you a fresh new start in managing your home.  Your account will be brought up to date immediately.


Mortgage Modification Best Negotiators

When negotiating with banks you want the best on your side.

To adjust the terms of your loan, our highly experienced negotiators contact your lender so you don’t have to.  Our skill and influence enables us to reduce your rates as low as 2% and extend your payment terms by 10 years.  Let us champion your cause. – We don’t get paid until you get approved.

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Mortgage Modification Most Successful

Our flexible plan puts your needs first

  • During your FREE consultation, we carefully listen to your goals and then together craft a plan that works for you.  It is you that decides the monthly amount that you can afford to pay.  After that our aggressive negotiators will create a new financial picture to match your current needs.  This re-framing will put you in the proper light to realize the improvements you desire.
  • Your recovery starts immediately because we believe time is money.  Our track record is about 6 months from consultation to approval.
  • We understand expenses are a concern.  That’s why we offer reasonable flat rates, payment plans if needed and only get paid when your loan modification is officially approved.  We make it affordable enough that our fee can pay for itself in your mortgage payment savings over just a few months time.
  • With a 99% success rate, there is no other firm more capable in achieving results.  And with absolutely no risk to you, it makes sense to make your expenses something that you can live with and your financial burden a thing of the past.








If you find any negative remarks on your credit report as a result of our mortgage modification, we will remove them at a discounted rate.